Our Menu

  • Tacos Dorados

    Four deep-fried rolled corn tortillas filled with beef and potato, topped with freshly cut lettuce and tomato, onions, avocado and Panela cheese, served with real traditional Mexican red rice, our famous refried beans and cool sour cream.

  • Carne Asada (Sirloin)

    Our fire grilled Prime Sirloin cut steak with just the right amount of seasoning in a freshly made tortilla

  • Al Pastor

    Nothing says Tradicional Mexican food like our Al Pastor Taco. Tender marinated pork in adobo sauce with pineapple strips, creating a unique sweet and sour flavor

  • Carretoneros

    Chopped Prime sirloin in a soft corn tortilla and topped fresh cilantro and finely diced onions

  • Beef Fajitas

    Stuffed with our Premium Fajitas, grilled just right to deliver the best possible flavor

  • Garritas de Leon® (Rib Eye)

    Delight with this one of a kind tacos, thinly sliced grilled Prime Rib Eye steak tacos

  • Tacos del Juez

    Melting Muenster cheese and butterfly cut fresh shrimps paired with some avocado slices create this tempting taco

  • Matamoros

    It’s okay to drool over our Matamoros tacos, two soft corn tortillas filled with tender sirloin, real avocado, and Panela cheese.

  • Piratas

    Full of juicy and tender fajita, our refried beans, and melting cheddar cheese. Accept no imitations!

  • Vampiros

    Toasted corn tortilla with refried beans, melted Muenster cheese, grilled Prime sirloin and topped with fresh guacamole

  • Chicken Breast Fajitas

    Marinated in our secret blend of Fruit juices, spices and herbs, this chicken will make you ask for more

  • Tripitas

    Enjoy our delicious soft or crispy beef tripe